Atelier eis was founded in 1990 as design and engineering organisation. Several dozens of employees of Ateliér work in the premises in Prague and in České Budějovice. During 22 years of its work the Ateliér participated in many investment projects on the territory of the Czech Republic, as well as in other European countries. The complete implementation of these investment projects was provided from the starting architectonic drafts and studies, through the projects for zoning and planning decision and building permit up to implementation projects. In parallel to the most of these projects we provide engineering services in the stage of preparation of constructions associated with the negotiations and issue of zoning and planning decisions and building permits. During the construction we participate in its management including the financial control, we perform the technical as well as a author’s supervision and we also approve the most buildings for operation. We try to provide to our partners among which arethe renowned inland as well as foreign companies the most comprehensive service in such a way that the buildings are not only designed, but also built in highest quality. In the submitted portfolio, a part of constructions designed but first of all implemented by our company is presented; some of them were publicly appreciated.